Prof. Dr. Aziz I  Abdulla

Prof. Structural Eng., College of Eng.
Tikrit University

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Zainab Talib Al-Sharify

Chemical Engineering, Birmingham University, UK.  AMIChemE of the Chemical Engineering  Institution (IChemE), UK.


Prof. Dr. Fayadh Mohamed Abed

Mechanica Eng. Dept/College of Eng./  Dean  College Of Engineering,Tikrit University,Iraq

Scopus   ID: 44460960100,


Prof.Dr. Ayman Al Sawalha

TheoreticalPhysics, Dean,Faculty of Science , Jerash university, Jordan,Scopus ID:24921435000


Prof. Dr. Nagham  Mahmood  Aljamali 

Ph. D , Professor  in Fields ((Organic  Synthetic, Anticancer  studies, Chemical Engineering,Department of Chemistry, Synthetic  Organic Field, IRAQ. Scopus Author ID :  56044288500




Associate. Prof. Dr. Mousa Ibraheem Bani Baker,

Department of Civil and infrastructure Engineering/ Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Candidate member of Professional Engineers of Ontario (Toronto, Canada).

Prof.Dr.Eqab Mahmoud Rabei, Professor of Mathematical Physics,Department of Physics, Al al Bayt University,jordan ,Scopus  ID:6602156175





Prof. Dr.Yahya S Khraisat 

Electrical and Electronics , Al – Huson University College/ Al – Balqa’ Applied University,Scopus ID:35612482700


Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri

Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Nanotechnology and Catalysis Research Center (NANOCAT)University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.Scopus ID:6701757524 


Assistant. Professor.Dr.Ja’far Al-Btoosh

 Civil Engineering - Building Information Modeling

Department of Master of Engineering Projects Management ,Faculty of Engineering , Jerash university, Jordan,Scopus ID: 57812566700

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem
Professor of Computer Science, Founder &Head of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering Research Labs,Faculty of Computer and Information sciences,Ain Shams University,  Cairo-Egypt
Prof.Dr.Tehseen Ahmed Tahseen
 Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kirkuk University,Iraq
Associate. Professor.Dr Majed O. AL-Dwairi
Radio Engineering and Television Systems/MultichannelCommunication,Al-Balqa’ Applied University/Faculty of Engineering Technology,jordan
Prof. Dr. Mostafa Bassiouni
Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816, USA,

Assistant Professor Dr.Huthaifa obeidat,

Communication & Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Jerash University, Jordan,Scopus  ID: 15845938400


Assistant Professor Dr. Khalaf Salloum Gaeid Alshammery

Control System ,Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department ,Tikrit University,iraq




Assist. Prof. Dr.Ahmed Handam 

Head of Renewable energy Department , Faculty of Engineering



Prof. Dr. Flavio Canavero
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Politecnico di Torino, 10129 Torino, Italy
Associate.Prof.Dr.Kalid Al Smadi
ComputerScience s /Information and Communication Technology,Jadara Unoversity,Jordan

Asst. Prof. Dr. Asmaa Hatem Rashid

Computer Science & Information Technology, KSA,Unversity of Malaya (UM) 

Scopus ID: 55671858700


Asst. Prof.Dr. Alyaa Abbas Al-Attar

Civil Eng. Dept/College of Eng./Technical College of Kirkuk,Head of Scientific Service Consulting Bureau in Northen Technical University,Iraq, Scopus ID :55940223500

Thomson Reuters Research ID: F-2466-2018


Wessal M. Khamis.

Physical Chemistry, Mustansiryah University/College of Science/Chemistry Department, Iraq


Assist. Prof. Dr. Farouk Majeed Muhauwiss

Geotechnical Engineering Civil Engineering Department ,College of Engineering ,Tikrit University,iraq


Assist. Prof. Dr. Assim Mohammed Lateef

Structural Engineering,Civil Engineering , Department,Tikrit University,iraq