After the article passes the plagiarism checking stage, and editor or editor section check, each manuscript will be reviewed by at least three independent referees who are within the subject area.

Peer review is a critical element of scholarly publication, and one of the major cornerstones of the scientific process. Peer Review serves two key functions:

1-Acts as a filter: Ensures research is properly verified before being published

2-Improves the quality of the research: rigorous review by other experts helps to hone key points and correct inadvertent errors.

First screen: Editor or section editor check scope, language, plagiarism, .....etc


Review form: The editorial board and/or international three reviewers check the quality of the article. Please note:


  • The reviewers' opinions help the journal in decision-making.
  • Acceptance without revisions is neglected in the same way rejection without reasons is neglected.
  • The journal refers the research to the reviewers and then returns it to the researcher for revision. After the reviewers respond, it may be referred to other reviewers.
  • The number of reviewers is unspecified.
  • The number of times the research is referred to reviewers is unspecified, sometimes reaching 5 or 7 rounds.
  • Review continues after publication acceptance. Some research papers have been rejected post-acceptance due to ethical violations not discovered during review.
  • Some research papers have been published and then ethical violations were discovered, resulting in their retraction.
  • Research papers that are published and indexed in databases, then ethical violations or others are discovered, are deleted from the databases, and the reason for deletion is documented in the databases.
  • There are specific websites where the names of retracted and deleted research papers from journal websites are published.

Check Manuscript (revision) by Reviewer


Final Screen By Editorial Board


Submit the Final version of the Manuscript to publishing in TJES


Author Final Check of Article Before Publishing